Seno Mayo

The itinerary begins inside the National Park, departing from the pier of Bahía Tranquila in Punta Bander port.  Participants will navigate De los Témpanos Canal to enter Seno Mayo of Argentino Lake, the biggest and most austral lake in the country. When arriving at Toro Bay, a walk to interpret the Andean Patagonian forest will be done accompanied by an experienced guide. The circuit allows to appreciate a variety of cherry trees, cinnamon trees, lengas, ñires and even a centenarian cherry tree whose trunk is bigger than three meters in diameter.

After having crossed the forest, the group will meet a stream fed by a waterfall. From this point, it is possible to appreciate a limestone rocks formation, whose stockade is 180 meters tall per 100 meters wide. Once the surrounding landscape has been admired, participants return to the boat to head to their next destination.

Navigating the lake’s Seno Mayo, Mayo Hill’s glacier and Negro Hill’s hanging glacier can be appreciated: a wonderful show. When disembarking at Negro Hill, the guide will start another walk, covering one kilometer, that will provide more details of the Andean Patagonian forest and its vegetation, typical of mountain regions of the South of Chile and the South West of Argentina where mountain forests are abundant.

The following items are NOT INCLUDED: Transfer to the Port – National Park Entrance ticket – Visit to the Catwalks.

Following a stream that leads the group to a rock wall, the hanging glacier will be appreciated together with vast views to a landscape that astonishes everyone contemplating it.

Back at the boat, the group will navigate Perito Moreno glacier’s Northern wall and disembark at the floating pier of Moreno Port, located at the foot of the catwalks. The different balconies can be visited to have varied panoramic views of Perito Moreno glacier’s fronts. Then, participants begin their way back to El Calafate. 

NOTE: Photography service included.  

September to May: Daily

June, July (1st fortnight) and August: Peer Days

July: (2 nd fortnight): Daily


High Season: October to May (Do not operate 25/12)

Boarding Hours: 08: 45hs.

The boat sails at 09:00 p.m.

Return to Port: 14: 00hs.


Low Season: June to September

Departure Time: 10:00 am.

The ship sails at 10:30 p.m.

Return to Port: 15: 30hs.

NOTE: The reported schedule is estimative and it could be modified for a better activity development.

6 Hours


Due to the changing weather, it is recommended to wear layers of warm clothes: gloves, hat, water-proof/wind-stopper jacket, warm socks and foot wear (preferably, trekking boots), scarf.

It is important to bring sunglasses and sunscreen.

Participants should bring their own box lunch.

All year round