Safari Experience

The Natural Reserve “Estancia 25 de Mayo” is part of the Private Reserves Program of Azara Foundation-Maimonides University. Native fauna and flora live together with fossils dated 70 million years old, time when beaches did occupy the place.

Thus, ancient formations are left uncovered at more than 1.000m.a.s.l: huge oysters that once formed a reef, seeming to be printed on the surface; plant remains, enormous extinct animals and groups of millennial crabs, all well preserved.

These lands, nowadays typical Patagonian steppe in its purest state, host native fauna as ostriches, condors and guanacos that move in enormous herds, inviting everyone to appreciate them from short distances.

Safari Experience tours 40km that make participants experience Patagonia through the 5 senses, discovering the natural treasure that Patagonian dessert is hiding.

The program offers to explore the reserve, located just 30 minutes away from El Calafate, over 4×4 vehicles to reach a height of 1.000m.a.s.l, crossing canyons and mountains until getting to “LA SECCIÓN”, the emblematic 25 de Mayo ranch´s post, still working.

The excursion switches among paths covered on 4×4 vehicles or on foot until getting to viewpoints where participants’ main attraction may be bird-watching and fauna in general. This point is where the PHOTOGRAPHIC SAFARI begins, being participants the ones who select the time needed to capture each image.

Morning tour: 09:00 to 14:00hs

Afternoon tour: 16:00hs to 21:00hs

5 hours aprox

Comfortable footwear, layers of warm clothes and an (participants are invited to fill the bottles in streams or springs of mineral water before starting the trek).

Regular tour’s maximum capacity: 18 passengers

Land Rover 4×4 vehicles with a holding capacity of 6 people each.

Stew, bread, wine, water and flamed fruits with cinnamon cream as dessert.

November to April