Departing from “Bajo las Sombras” Port, located 6km before reaching Perito Moreno Glacier’s catwalks, the ship crosses Rico Canal. After 20 minutes sailing direction De los Tempanos Canal and Perito Moreno Glacier’s Southern wall, the group disembarks on a rocky promontory where it will be received by experienced guides.

After a short trek, participants arrive to a shelter where they are subdivided in groups of about 10 people, each one with its own guide. A walk by the lake is started and, on the first stop, the guide delivers a talk about glaciers, to introduce the group into the forward experience.

Participants will receive information about the region’s general fauna, flora and glaciology, as well as the particular phenomenon that affects Perito Moreno Glacier, eventually producing its breaking. The walk continues until getting to the crampons room, where the guides give participants their own crampons, explaining them how they should move over the ice.

The circuit over the glacier lasts 2 hours and it appreciates different formations over the ice as crevasses, seracs, sinks, small lagoons, etc. The walk is moderate, done over uneven but firm and safe ice. Once the walk has finished, a path through the amazing Magellanic forest will lead back to the shelter.

Back at the port, a navigation to approach to the glacier’s wall begins, allowing participants to have a different perspective of it. The program includes a 45-minute-long visit to the Glacier’s catwalks.

Daily (Not available during June and July)

Important Boarding time varies according to availability and type of service, and they are informed in booking confirmation. The reported schedule is estimative and it may be modified for a better activity development.

Morning departures last 5 hours and include 45-minute-long stay at the shelter for lunch time.

Afternoon departures last 4 hours and include just a technical stop at the shelter.

Normal physical condition is required. Participants should consider that they will gradually walk during 3 hours over varied and uneven terrains as ice, forest and rocks. Thus, it is excluding for pregnant women, people suffering heart and motor problems or any other serious health problems.

The level of difficulty is low but relatively hard for elderly people or people suffering from vertigo or people in poor physical conditions (E.g.: over-weighted people).

Due to the degree of effort and difficulty it presents, this activity is suitable for people between 10 and 65 years. In the case of participating under 18 without their parents, they can only do so with their written authorization, indicating the person in charge. NOT overweight people should participate (for this purpose, those that exceed the criteria issued by the Ministry of Health will be considered. Body mass index greater than or equal to 30, resulting from the following equation: BMI = Weight on Squared Size) ; pregnant women; people with any degree or type of physical or mental disability that affects their attention, progress and / or coordination; people suffering from central or peripheral cardiovascular diseases, with diminished cardiac or vascular capacities or who use stents, pacemakers or other prostheses; people suffering from diseases that cause respiratory disabilities (COPD, asthma, emphysema, etc.).
We must consider that in the event that a passenger manifests difficulties in walking on their own on the ice, the mountain guide in charge of the group has the power to interrupt their journey, since they are responsible for the safety of the group. People who, once they arrive at our base of operations, declare to have any of these exclusionary conditions, will be deprived of the excursion. This can generate moments of tension and great frustration to the passenger, so we urge you to be very clear when confirming this service, explaining in detail the aforementioned requirements.

Visit Patagonia disclaims all responsibility in the absence of compliance with the reported restrictions.

There are different types of ship. Any manner, the group is not bigger than 55 people per departure.
The shelter has a holding capacity of 50 people and it is planned only for lunch box consumption, the only possible type of meal in the place. Once passengers are on-board heading to the glacier, there is no possibility to buy any food. Thus, it is recommended that each passenger carries his own lunch box.

Those wishing to have a conventional lunch should consider the activity schedule, to coordinate it with restaurant services. Let us choose the most convenient time and type of lunch for each itinerary.

Not available between June and July

It is recommended to wear sports trainers or trekking boots. Nor rubber  and ski boots neither high heel shoes for women are admitted. Wear thick socks, preferably made of cotton. Participants are only provided with crampons.


Sportswear (long trousers for both sexes). It is convenient to wear sweater, T-shirt and wind-stopper or waterproof jacket. Bring sunglasses, sunscreen, gloves and hat.



Smoking is forbidden during the whole excursion; either on-board, in the forest, over the ice or at the shelter.