Through its evocative architecture that mimics the glacier walls, GLACIARIUM invites to discover a fascinating world, fostering knowledge and exalting senses. It is a place inhabited by interactive and entertaining visual and auditory stimuli that contribute to the knowledge of glaciers and Patagonian Continental Ice field.

Entering the museum, the immersing ice-melting water sound leads to a series of dioramas that recreate the glaciers’ most characteristic features and boards that tell about ice formation and explorers and scientists’ history. Pictures of great Argentinian photographers like Florian Von der Flecht, Daniel Wagner and Andres Bonetti captivate everybody’s eyes.

The Southern Patagonian Ice field and all the Patagonian glaciers are represented, seen from every possible perspective; from a look at a glacier in an over-flight to the experience of being inside a glacier.

A strong commitment with nature cannot ignore the Earth’s situation and the consequences caused by the human-being. In “The Countdown”, 28 projectors remind us how the planet actually is.

There is a place specially dedicated to the expert Francisco Pascasio Moreno. It is a tribute to this emblematic character, that transmits his excitement for Patagonian landscapes.

Photographs and paintings are displayed in the Exhibition Hall. If required, this place can be used for different kinds of events. It is a place that invites to make a pause before finishing the itinerant exhibit. 

Animations, 3D films and other exclusive productions about Patagonian landscapes and glaciers are projected in the auditorium “Alberto M. De Agostini”, with a holding capacity of 90 people.

The ECO SHOP offers a varied collection of sustainable objects, produced with recycled discarded materials and low environmental impact.

GLACIARIUM CAFÉ, whose holding capacity is of 40 people, offers breakfast, lunch and tea in a relaxed atmosphere, with a superb view of the Argentino Lake and the Andes.

Glaciarium operates the whole year. 

High Season: September to March
Schedule: 11:00 to 20:00hs 

Low Season: April to August (except easter holidays)

Schedule: 11:00 to 19:00hs (last entry an hour before closing time)

Easter Holidays: 09:00 to 20:00hs

2 Hours aprox

Other unforgettable experience awaits inside the Museum: GLACIOBAR, sponsored by Branca! Everything inside it is made of ice: walls completely coated with ice, bar, tables, seats… Everything, pure glacier ice! Room temperature is -10°C!! The program offers to spend 20 minutes with the greatest protagonists: ice and cold! The ticket includes beverages in creative ice glasses (Soft drinks/Calafate, chocolate, coffee and mint liquor/Aperitif: Fernet Branca and Fernet Branca Mint/Spirits: Vodka, whiskey, tequila, rum served in special ice glasses!!).