El Chaltén

El Chaltén is a little touristic village located at the Andes Mountain Range’s bottom and De las Vueltas River’s shore. From the village it is possible to contemplate a unique natural scenario, exclusive of the National Park Los Glaciares, that combines the magic of the near glaciers, hidden lagoons, the turquoise Viedma lake and the legendary presence of Fitz Roy Mount. Its distinctive and impressive top can be appreciated from the distance, often covered by clouds that resemble smoke.

The different full day programs offer a wide variety of activities, a great opportunity for those willing to visit El Chaltén and Viedma glacier, the biggest glacier in Argentina.

The excursions begin early in the morning, departing from El Calafate.

The route is surrounded by steppe, following the Argentino Lake margins until taking the mythical Route N°40 heading North. Some kilometers ahead, the road joins Route N°23, going West until Reaching El Chaltén. 


FD El Chaltén “Laguna Condor” Shelter & Viedma Light: Tuesday, Thurday, Saturday and Sunday

FD El Chaltén Viedma Trekk: Tuesday, Thurday, Saturday and Sunday

FD El Chaltén Capri Trekking: Daily

Full Day

(13 hours aprox)

Low to High (depending on the activitie)

Laguna Capri Trekking

This program is suitable for people in good physical condition.

This is a trekking classic alternative for beginners: a beautiful trek that departs from El Chaltén, assisted by authorized mountain guides. The aim will be reaching a viewpoint located over a blue-waters lagoon surrounded by a native forest, after 2 hours walking. The prize will be having a breath-taking view of Fitz Roy Mount.

The group and its guide start the trek from El Chaltén’s Northern extreme. The path’s first stage has a steep slope, being 350mts the maximum slope.

After 30 minutes walking, there is a viewpoint overlooking De las Vueltas River’s valley. The trees are more and more abundant along the path and, after about an hour and a half, the group gets to a natural Fitz Roy Mount viewpoint. That means that the aim is very close… After a few minutes, there she is: Capri Lagoon, ideal place to share a pic-nic (Lunch box).

After this wonderful landscape has been enjoyed and energies have been replenished, the way back to El Chaltén begins, to then continue back to El Calafate.


After arriving at Chalten we continue our ride taking the route that borders the Rio de las Vueltas taking us deeper into the Lengas and Nires forest. The road ends after one hour ride and 37 kms up to the North arriving at Lago del Desierto.

From the pier Punta Sur we’ll take a 40 minute boat ride to the natural reserve Vespignani from there areoptional hikes to read the best miradors of Vespignani Glacier and the north face of Mount Fitz Roy.

Departures: Daily from October to April

After briefing the programing at our base at El Chalten – Pudu Lodge_ we will take a transfer to Río Blanco (Hostería El Pilar) from where we will start one of the most beautifull treks.

This one-way guided trek will be passing by Piedras Blancas Glacier, Camp. Base Poincenot, Lakes Madre e Hija. At 15 hs we will arrive at where we will have our lunch at the Domes of the camp with views to the Mount Fitz Roy. At 16 hs we will continue our way down to Chalten where we will arrive at 17 hs.

Technical difficulty: exigent.

Departures:Daily from October 15th to March 15th

Activities in Chaltén:

Los Cóndores y las Águilas


Loma del Pliegue Tumbado


Laguna Torre


Laguna de los Tres


Estancia Los Huemules


Chorrillo del Salto


Cañadon del Río de las Vueltas