Frías Hill 

Frías Hill, proximate to El Calafate touristic village, is  distinctively not part of any mountain chain.

Located 23 km far from El Calafate and being part of Alice Ranch, Frías Hill is a great chance to see indigenous fauna and flora and 360 degrees of unforgettable images.

The tour begins with a bus service from the hotels in town until reaching “El Quincho”, meeting point where participants are divided in groups according to the previously selected activities.

The preferred activity must be selected at booking time. Once passengers arrive to the meeting point, it is not possible to change the activity, except in cases of force majeure.


Frías Hill offers different activities that are carried out simultaneously in separate circuits (4×4 – Horse ride – Zip line – Trekking), making it possible that nobody misses the opportunity to live an unforgettable experience in an astonishing natural environment. This dynamic allows that members of the same group do different activities, as all passengers return to a single meeting point before departing back to town.


The circuit begins crossing a meadow, ascending the Eastern slope until reaching the first natural viewpoint 450mts high. The Argetino Lake, Boca del Diablo and Magallanes Peninsula will accompany this stage of the activity.

The way uphill continues until getting to the highest field, 1.030m.a.s.l! New companions join at this point: the imposing view of Roca Lake, Rico Canal, Torres del Paine and Fitz Roy Mount that seems to be endless. Native flora will be appreciated along the path, together with guanacos, foxes, hares, condors, cows and wild horses.

Descending through the Southern slope and with the Centinela Valley being the setting, passengers arrive to the “Quincho” Snack Bar that lays at the bottom of the hill.


“Zip lining is an activity whose aim is moving over two wires anchored in fixed points ( these may be trees, towers, builds or any other fixed point) to form a line lifted in every routing, having enough slope so that it may be possible to move by gravity, using safety equipment like pulleys, carabiners, belts, helmet and harness.”

After the necessary equipment has been delivered to the participants, a brief instructive talk is given before leaving to the boarding platform, 540mts high in Frias Hill Southern slope. The ascent is done in all-wheel-drive vehicles.

Once in the platform and after the equipment is double-checked, participants are ready to cross the first stage of nearly 2.500mts of wire arranged in 5 lines. During the activity, there will be incredible views of TORRES DEL PAINE, THE CENTINELA VALLEY, THE ROCA LAKE and THE SOUTHERN CANAL of ARGENTINO LAKE.

When the activity is finished, participants will walk from the Disembarking platform back to the “Quincho” Snack Bar.


The ride begins crossing a meadow to start ascending through the Southern slope. A few minutes later, the Centinela Valley and Torres del Paine can be appreciated. Moving uphill, getting 600mts high, it will be possible to see cattle and wild animals like guanacos, hares, foxes, armadillos and skunks. At this height, breath-taking views of the Argentino Lake, Torres del Paine, the Rico Canal and the valley of Anita Ranch will be the bonus track!


From the “Quincho”, the guides begin different circuits that adapt to visitors’ needs and skills. Hiking through the Souhthern slope, it may be possible to appreciate the Centinela Valley, Argentino Lake, Rico Canal and Torres del Paine.

The landscape combines steppe and lenga forest, house of plenty of plants and animals ready to be discovered by adventurers’ keen eyes.

Daily – Available from October

Departures with NO lunch: 09:00 to 14:00 / 15:00 to 19:00 / 17:00 to 20:30

Departures WITH lunch: 09:00 to 14:00

Half a Day

Low to Medium


This activity is only suitable for people between 6 and 60 years old whose weigh does not exceed 110kg. it is EXCLUDING for pregnant women, people suffering illnesses with functional or organic risk during the activity and people with disabling diseases in relation to coordination and motor skills.

Permissible Age and Weight:

Maximum weight: 110kg

Depending on body structure, children under 6-10 years may zip line attached to a guide.

CERRO FRIAS reserves the right of admission for safety reasons. If any participant does not follow the security instructions given by the staff, he may be withdrawn from the activity.

There are 4 all-wheel-drive vehicles with a holding capacity of 8 people each and one with a holding capacity of 6 people, available for the 4×4 activity.

There are 16 horses available for horseback riding and 18 harnesses for zip-lining.

“Quincho” Snack Bar has a holding capacity of 100 people.

Recently opened, “Quincho” Snack Bar offers fast food service. The morning departure offers an optional lunch menu that includes:

Starter: Pumpkin soup and lamb empanada

Main course: Roasted red meat and chicken with grilled vegetables (all cooked in clay oven)

Dessert: flan caramel with dulce de leche

Beverages and coffee: NOT INCLUDED

“Quincho” is open from 09:00 to 20:00 to the whole public, offering fast food and beverages.

NOTE: Vegetarian menu available if requested in advance.

Octubre – Abril